Period Delay Tablets

Period delay medication is an option for women who wish to avoid their lifestyle having to fit around their natural cycle. Many occasions such as a holiday or significant event can often be made less enjoyable when having to manage your period. By using a safe and effective medication to delay your period, you can focus on other things with one less worry on your mind.

Period Delay Tablets

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Showing all 2 results

What are Period Delay tablets?

Norethisterone tablets delay the process of menstruation. Most women have their period within 30 days from the start of the last, whereas using a period delay tablet will extend the duration before your period up to a further 17 days.

How does Norethisterone work?

Norethisterone is a period delay medication that contains progestogen-type hormones.

Delaying your period means preventing the hormone levels from decreasing after ovulation. When the hormones decrease, this kick-starts the process that results in your monthly bleeding.

By providing you with the additional hormones, your natural cycle is affected, and the process of menstruation is prevented.

Norethisterone is taken approximately three days before the anticipated start of your period, then continued to be taken three times per day until you wish to resume your period. Once Norethisterone has been stopped, your period is expected to start within three days.

Will Norethisterone change your cycle?

Yes, Norethisterone will change the date of your cycle, but not indefinitely.

Your period will be delayed up to 17 days, depending on how long you take Norethisterone.

After you discontinue taking norethisterone, your period will begin within approximately three days.

The date the period restarts is your new cycle date, and your next period thereafter should start 30 days after this.

Norethisterone is a safe and widely used medication. There is no evidence that suggests your period will be heavier when it arrives and many women suggest symptoms can often be lighter than usual. The effect on your cycle timings is only short term and your body will correct itself.

Norethisterone is not a contraceptive and should not be used in conjunction with a contraceptive pill (either combined or progestogen-only).

For period delay treatments, check out 123 Meds today; we offer a range of treatments and prescriptions that can be delivered directly to your door. Period delay tablets, also known as menstrual cycle control tablets, can be used and are medications that can temporarily delay or postpone the onset of menstruation (period). The tablets include synthetic versions of hormones, this is usually progesterone or a combination of oestrogen and progesterone, which are responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle and helping with delaying periods. Maybe you’re experiencing unexplained vaginal bleeding or have an event to attend; we can provide you treatment so you’re period free. Here at 123 Meds, we offer a range of prescription medications and treatments, including tablets, to delay your period; all you need to do is fill in our online form, and our pharmacists will be in touch to arrange to deliver your treatment order.


Period Delay Treatment

Period delay treatments are commonly prescribed for specific situations where delaying menstruation or your expected period is needed; this can be due to important events, vacations, or medical reasons. You need to note that these tablets should only be used under the guidance and prescription of a healthcare or medical professional. The specific instructions for taking period delay tablets may vary depending on the type of medication that has been prescribed, so it’s essential to follow a professional’s recommendations and the instructions provided with the medication. Generally, the period delay pills are taken a few days before the expected start of the period and continued for the desired duration of the delay. Once the medication is stopped, the withdrawal of hormones triggers the start of the menstrual period.

It’s important to keep in mind that period delay tablets are not a form of contraception and should not be used as a long-term solution for managing the menstrual cycle. Their intended use is short-term and should be used sparingly and with guidance and advice from a healthcare professional.

You also need to understand that while taking a period delay tablet can be effective in postponing menstruation, they may have potential side effects and risks. These can include breakthrough bleeding, breast tenderness, mood changes, and an increased risk of blood clots. These risks and potential side effects should be discussed with a healthcare professional before considering the use of period delay tablets.

Period Delay

Period delay treatment typically involves the use of medications that can temporarily delay or postpone the onset of menstruation. These medications are commonly prescribed for specific situations where delaying menstruation may be desired, such as during important events, vacations, or medical reasons. It’s important to note that tablets to delay periods should only be pursued under the guidance and prescription of a healthcare professional.

There are different medications that can be used for period delay, including:

Progestin-only pills: These are oral contraceptive pills that contain only the hormone progesterone. They are taken daily for a specified duration to delay menstruation. Progestin-only pills are effective in postponing periods and are suitable for individuals who cannot take combined hormonal contraceptives (oestrogen and progesterone).

Combined hormonal contraceptives: These are oral contraceptive pills that contain both oestrogen and progesterone. They are taken in a specific regimen as advised by a healthcare professional to delay the menstrual cycle. Combined hormonal contraceptives are commonly used for period delay and are often more effective in regulating the timing of menstruation compared to progestin-only pills.

Norethisterone Period Delay Tablets: This is a synthetic hormone that mimics the effects of progesterone. It is available in pill form and is taken in the days leading up to the expected start of the period. Norethisterone is commonly used for short-term period delay.

It’s important to follow the healthcare provider’s instructions and the specific guidelines provided with the medication for proper usage. The treatment duration and dosage may vary depending on the medication prescribed and the individual’s specific needs.

Remember that period delay medication isn’t suitable for everyone, and the decision to pursue it should be made in consultation with a healthcare professional. They can evaluate your individual situation, consider any underlying health conditions, and provide appropriate guidance regarding the most suitable medication and potential risks and side effects.


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