Travel Health

When it comes to travel health treatments, make sure that you check out the team at 123 Meds today; we offer a range of treatments and prescriptions, all of which can be delivered to your door. Travelling the world is an exciting experience, but it’s not without its health considerations; from vaccinations to managing travel-related illnesses like travel sickness and protection from infectious diseases, ensuring your health while exploring new places is essential. Whether you need to speak to health professionals about particular health risks when travelling abroad on a package holiday, or visiting certain countries for exploration, information on travel vaccines and the vaccinations to protect against tropical diseases, including the yellow fever vaccination, we have got you covered. Here, we ensure specialised travel health services, and at 123 Meds we are your go-to online pharmacy specialising in travel health, for further advice, get in touch today.

Travel Health



Travel Health Advice Services

Travel health includes a range of considerations, here’s what you need to think about before you travel abroad:

Vaccinations and Immunisations

Different destinations may require specific vaccinations or boosters to protect against diseases prevalent in those areas, from yellow fever vaccines to malaria.

Travel-Related Illnesses

Travellers may be exposed to illnesses like traveller’s diarrhoea, malaria, and altitude sickness, which require preventive measures and treatment options.


Managing medications while travelling, including prescription refills and ensuring a sufficient supply for the duration of the trip, is essential.

Health and Safety Precautions

Travel health involves general precautions, such as safe food and water practices, sun protection, and insect repellent use.

At 123 Meds we understand the importance of having access to a range of comprehensive travel health services. We offer a range of products and guidance to ensure your health and well-being while travelling.

Travel Vaccinations

123 Meds offers a wide range of travel vaccinations and immunisations. Whether you’re embarking on a safari in Africa or backpacking through Southeast Asia, we can help you prepare with the right vaccines.

Travel Medications

From antimalarials to altitude sickness remedies, 123 Meds stocks travel medications that cater to various destinations and travel-related illnesses.

Understanding travel health can be complex, but at 123 Meds we offer expert guidance to help you make informed decisions about your health while travelling. Our team of healthcare professionals can provide personalised recommendations based on your destination and specific health needs.


The Travel Health Essentials

123 Meds understands that health on the go goes beyond vaccinations and medications. We offer essential travel health products, including insect repellents, sunscreen, and first-aid supplies, to help you stay safe and healthy during your adventures.

Your health should never be compromised, even when you’re exploring the farthest reaches of the globe. In addition to travel information from your GP Practice, travel health services are essential to ensure a smooth and healthy journey for people travelling overseas. 123 Meds, your trusted online pharmacy specialising in travel health services, has always got you covered. By focusing on the complexities of travel health, 123 Meds empowers travellers to prioritise their well-being and fully embrace the adventure of exploration.

Remember, when planning a trip to another country from the UK, it’s essential to research and prepare adequately, including consulting a healthcare professional for personalised travel health advice. Set out on your adventures with confidence, knowing that 123 Meds has your travel health needs covered. You can also find out more about travel health and advice on the NHS including travel vaccine and fit to travel information.

The Travel Health Professionals at 123 Meds

At 123 Meds, we understand that when you plan to travel to a different location or country, your health is a top priority. Ensuring that you are adequately protected from diseases prevalent in your travel destination is essential. Our travel health services offer up-to-date information on vaccination requirements and recommendations specific to your travel date and location. Our team of experts can advise you on the necessary vaccinations, such as polio and other vaccines required for entry into certain countries or regions. We provide a risk-free environment for travellers to get advice on how to protect themselves from infection while abroad. Our website makes it easy to search for vaccination recommendations for your travel destination so you can embark on your journey well-prepared and with peace of mind, knowing you have taken the necessary steps to safeguard your health.


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At 123 Meds, we offer all treatments for all of your medical issues and conditions; it couldn’t be easier; all you need to do is complete our online questionnaire, and our pharmacists will assess your order; it arranges for it to be delivered discreetly to your home. When it comes to the treatments and services that we provide, here at 123 Meds, we are known for providing an excellent service. Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose 123 Meds for travel health:

  • Easy to fill in a questionnaire
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When it comes to travel health treatments and services, at 123 Meds, we have got you covered. We offer an online treatment and prescription service that will provide you with travel health services and treatments to suit your specific needs and requirements. Should you be looking to seek advice on vaccines when travelling, or you require a general health check before you fly, there is a solution and remedy out there for you. For more information, get in touch with 123 Meds today; we are always on hand to help you.