Full Marks Solution


The Full Marks Solution is the easy way to eliminate head lice. It only takes 5 minutes and is effective in just one use, eliminating both lice and their eggs.

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  • Works in just 5 minutes
  • Eliminates lice and eggs
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Full Marks Head Lice Solution

Full Marks Solution is what you need should you or your child be dealing with head lice. The persistent issues that come with head lice and a head lice infection can cause multiple problems, however, look no further than this effective and easy-to-use solution. Head lice infestations can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing, but when you use Full Marks Solution, it aims to remove all head lice. 

Effective treatment is essential when it comes to getting rid of head lice, common treatment options include over-the-counter or prescription medicated shampoos, lotions, or sprays specifically designed to kill lice and their eggs, this includes Full Marks Solution. Combing the hair with a fine-toothed comb to remove dead lice and nits is also part of the treatment process.

How Does Full Marks Solution Work?

Full Marks Solution is a treatment that will help to eliminate head lice, scabies and their eggs. Its active ingredients work by suffocating and dehydrating the lice, so they are easier to comb out with the Full Marks Removal comb supplied and removed from hair. Unlike traditional chemical treatments, Full Marks Solution is pesticide-free meaning that it is safe for use on all hair types and it’s a great choice for both children and adults.

Head lice, which are also referred to as ‘nits’, are a common annoyance but they can be effectively treated and prevented with the right treatment. It’s important to act straight away if you suspect a head lice infestation as this will prevent them from spreading to others and causing more discomfort. You can find out more about our treatments for children and babies here.


The Benefits of Full Marks Solution

Pesticide-free: Full Marks Solution offers a gentle yet effective approach to head lice treatment without the use of harsh chemicals.

Easy to use: Its simple application process makes treating head lice at home hassle-free.

Fast-acting: Full Marks Solution gets to work quickly to help you get rid of head lice, so you can return to your daily life without worry.

Suitable for all hair types: Whether you have long, short, curly, or straight hair, Full Marks Solution is designed to work for everyone.

How to Use Full Marks Solution

To make the most of Full Marks Solution, follow these steps:

  • Apply the solution thoroughly to dry hair.
  • Leave it on for the recommended time, usually around 10 minutes.
  • Afterwards, comb through the hair using the Full Marks Removal comb provided to remove dead lice and eggs.
  • Rinse out the solution.

More About Head Lice

Head lice, scientifically known as Pediculus humanus capitis, are tiny parasitic insects that infest the scalp and hair. They feed on human blood and can cause itching and discomfort, head lice are a common problem, especially when it comes to young children, and they can also be easily spread through close personal contact or by sharing personal items like combs, hats, or bedding.

Adult head lice are about the size of a sesame seed, and they have a greyish-white or tan colour. They have six legs and are wingless. The life cycle of a head louse consists of three stages – the nit (egg), the nymph, and the adult. Nits are oval, tiny, and usually attached to the hair shaft near the scalp. Nymphs are immature lice, and adults are fully developed lice. One of the most common symptoms of a head lice infestation is itching of the scalp, neck, and behind the ears. This itching is a result of an allergic reaction to the bites and saliva of the lice.

Transmission of Head Lice

Head lice are highly contagious and can be transmitted from person to person through:

Direct head-to-head contact: The most common way lice spread is through direct contact with an infected person’s hair.

Sharing personal items: Lice can also be transmitted by sharing combs, brushes, hats, scarves, headphones, or bedding with an infected person.

Preventing Head Lice 

Avoid head-to-head contact with infected individuals.

Try not to share personal items that may come in contact with hair.

Educate children about the importance of not sharing hats, brushes, or combs.

Regularly check for head lice, especially if there is an outbreak at school.


Why Choose 123 Meds?

At 123 Meds, we offer head lice treatments as well as being able to assist with all medical issues and conditions. it couldn’t be easier; all you need to do is complete our online questionnaire, and our pharmacists will assess your order; and arrange for it to be delivered discreetly to your home. When it comes to the treatments and services that we provide, here at 123 Meds, we are known for providing an excellent service. Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose 123 Meds for Full Marks Solution.

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For Full Marks Solution, Contact 123 Meds Today

When it comes to Full Marks Solution and head lice treatments, at 123 Meds, we have got you covered. We offer an online treatment and prescription service that will provide you with a treatment that suits your specific needs and requirements. For a head lice solution we can assist with traditional head lice treatments and how to kill head lice. There is a solution and remedy out there for you. For more information, get in touch with 123 Meds today; we are always on hand to help you, you can check out our general health services and treatments here.

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